The 2018 Global Information security Workforce Study (GISWS) predicts over 2million IT Jobs will go unfilled by 2022. That is 25% bump from what the same study revealed 2 years earlier. This is due to the impact of IT in modern business and the rapid pace of technological change.
This is your chance to start a digital career if you have a full-time job because it’s a weekend only class.

You want to start a digital career as a Website Developer/Creative Designer?- ==========

Learn how to create a stunning, responsive business website using WordPress. This training course covers everything you need to know. No previous experience is necessary but this training will also benefit those using WordPress for a while but who have had no previous WordPress training. Come as I show you all the tips and tricks to getting the most out of WordPress. This course is complemented by my SEO Master class course.

Our trainings are different so it doesn’t affect your job or activities; therefore, classes are held on weekends only.

**Training Requirements**
You are required to have your own **laptop and access to the internet** for this training. Plus a desire to jump in and build a fantastic business website from start to finish. **Come with N8,000**

For the purchase or registration of Domain Name and Web hosting with your proposed company or business name.
**Note: This is not part of the training fee.**

On the first day, we shall prove to you that it is possible for you to learn it and master it in 2 days guaranteed. After the first day, and you are not satisfied or you think the training is not for you, we shall refund your money back.
So we are giving you assurance that as long as you can use a computer you will be able to build a great looking website with WordPress.

**Audience – Who to Attend**  CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE
Anyone new to WordPress or who is self-taught on the product is a good candidate for this course. No prior WordPress knowledge is needed. No prior web development or programming skills are required. This course is designed for non-technical users who are more interested in content management and search engine optimization than the technical aspects of web site creation. If you want to improve your website or web designing skills, then this course is ideal for you. Web Design will help you do just that in 2 days.

This **2 Days Weekend Training** is designed to teach you how to create and update a website for your personal portfolio or for your business. Showcase your successful work, help customer find you, and represent yourself professionally on your website.
Take this class and walk away with a website designed by you and assisted by our web designer Instructor.

NOTE: In order to benefit as an organisation, we strongly recommend that at least 2 – 3 participants attend from the same organisation.

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**Full Course Outline.**


Our Web Design Training in Lagos covers the following.


• Basic Website Designing/Blogg
• Web hosting including shared, VPS and dedicated.
• Re seller web hosting on a high speed dedicated server.
• Custom Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting.
• Website Content Development/Creation.
• Back end And Front End Website.

**What does SSL and HTTPS stand for and what makes them secure?**
**Setting Up User Security.**

• A DV SSL certificate Validation
• An OV SSL certificate Validation
• An EV SSL certificate Validation

**Module 1**
• How to choose a Domain Name
• How to choose a Web Hosting
• Website building platforms
• WordPress Introduction. Why WordPress is the Best.
• Working with the Control Panel
• Website subdomain name
• Creation of a Free Blog using

**Module 2**
• Installing WordPress
• WordPress dashboard
• Updating Based on WordPress, Theme and Plugin Compatibility
• Creating and Administering Posts
• Setting Up Categories and Tags
• Understanding Title and Content Areas
• Configuring the Publish Area
• Setting the Featured Image
• Adding and editing pages
• Create categories
• Create a new page
• Adding pages to the menu
• Editing sidebar

**Module 3**
• Creating and Administering Pages
• Differences between Pages and Posts
• Creating Your Basic Website Pages
• Using images and text
• Adding and editing posts
• Installing plugins and solid understanding of basic themes and plugins.
• Create a contact form

**Module 4**
• SEO for WordPress
• Adding a Favicon
• Set up analytics
• WordPress site maintenance
• Updating Based on WordPress, Theme and Plugin Compatibility

**Module 5**
• Configuring Website Settings
• Configuring General Settings
• Configuring Reading Settings
• Configuring Permalinks

**Module 6**
• Media Library
• Understanding the Default Width and Height Settings
• Understanding WordPress Image File Creation
• Understanding the Default Month Year Folder Structure
• Uploading and Managing Media Files

**Module 7**
• Administering WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates
• Understanding the WordPress Dashboard – Updates Screen
• Themes and Plugins
• Choosing a Theme
• Installing and Configuring a Theme
• Switching Between Themes
• Adding Menu, Media and Content to a Theme
• Administering, Upgrading and Maintaining Plugins
• Installing and Configuring a Form Plugin
• Installing and Configuring a Media Library Plugin

**Module 8**
• Administering User Accounts
• Understanding the Built-in User Accounts
• Setting Up User Security
• Installing and Configuring a User Management Plugin
• Merging and Deleting User Accounts

**Module 9**
• WordPress Plugins for slideshow creation, social media integration, contact form
• Insertion of Media files (Images, Audios, Videos, Word Document files & PDFs).
• Introduction to Graphics and Logo Design
• Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
• Introduction to the Creation of Forums and Social Networking Sites.
• Free Video tutorials; step by step tutorials that are easy to learn and understand.
• WordPress Themes and Theme selection.
• WordPress Plugins and how to find the best plugins.
• Introduction to Web Designing for Mobile Devices.
• Message to a client on website expiration(This website is on sale)

**We offer both corporate and one on one training and all these are purely 100% practical.**


If you are interest **CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR UPDATE & CHAT**.. We will send you the Venue of the Training. **Or call us for more information.**

**We also develop websites for companies, schools, corporate organization for as low as N40,000 Naira.**.

• Certificate of Participation
• Training Materials,
• 30 Days on-going mentor-ship
• Free CMS Training video
• A Manual which you can use if you have a problem while working at home.

**TRAINING FEE: N25,000**

**In-House Training Courses**

Employee training is a significant investment for all organizations. When an organization has a group of employees who has the same training need, in-house training option can be the most economical and ideal solution.

Sometimes, designing an in-house training program simply requires modifying existing programs to fit the specific need of your employees, while at other times, a complete customized solution is required.

Such trainings are usually developed in partnership with your organization, ensuring your expectations are met and possibly even exceeded with the option of additional follow up on training sessions, to ensure that learning has been fully applied into your business.

We always welcome the opportunity of working closely with you, as in-plant training is one of those times when we can show clients another level of skill and expertise in helping them to achieve individual, team and business objectives. This training is customized and can hold at the company’s location, anywhere in Nigeria.

**Our corporate in-house training covers the following courses:**
• Website Design & Maintenance Training
• e-Commerce web design & Maintenance Training
• Mobile App Development
• Conversion of website to Mobile
• Graphics design
• Digital & Social Media Marketing
• Computer Networking
• Computer & Laptop Repair
• Printer & Scanner

**Why Choose Wilisef Data Technologies In-plant Training Service?**
1. Our In-House Training Courses are fully customized and developed with clients’ training needs and objectives as its core guideline.
2. It is a complete learning solution delivered at your preferred location or at your preferred time and negotiated fee.
3. Our In-House Training Courses are the most cost-effective and efficient way to train and develop your team and staff.
4. Our In-House Training facilitators are industry professionals who have successfully worked in their field of expertise for years.
5. Whatever skills you want to develop, whatever the size of your organization, we can work with you to find a solution that fits your exact training needs and your budget.
6. From our experience, we usually recommend a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 30 people per in-house training session.
7. Whether large or small, your organization can benefit from our in-house training service.

If you are interested

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Website Design Training with (CMS)

Website Design Training with Content Management System (TWO WEEKS OR WEEKEND)

Computer Networking Training 

Networking Engineering Training (TWO WEEKS OR WEEK END)

Digital Marketing Training

Digital & Social Media Marketing Training (TWO WEEKS OR WEEKENDS).

Computer/Laptop Engineering Training

Computer/Laptop Engineering Training (TWO WEEK OR WEEK END)

Our training programs are designed for working Class professionals, NYSC, and Students.
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TRAIN FOR TODAY AND BE EQUIPPED FOR TOMORROW.  PLEASE COME AND BE PART OF THIS PROGRESS. COME AND LEARN A SKILL AND BE SELF EMPLOYED. The training is design to give you practical skills and experience that you can apply immediately and be self-employed, Interactive Training with work experience Practical from start to finish. 20% discount available for group registration of 3 participants and above.