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We are a group of Motivated, Trained, Talented and Dedicated professionals. We place our clients’ needs and expectations above and beyond everything else while maintaining diligence and integrity in all our dealings. Try us today and we are sure of exceeding your expectation.

WILISE DATA TECHNOLOGIES, is a leading Social Media Marketing agency, has the best talent, experience, and energy in the marketplace to take your campaign to a higher level. We’ll help you reap the benefits of a professionally executed Social Media marketing campaign and Email marketing campaign with high-quality strategy, design, deployment, list management, tracking, testing, and more.

Your customers and prospects are on Social media. Your brand should be too.

We help clients leverage social media for their business growth by developing, implementing, and managing social media marketing campaigns that create awareness, engage with prospects and turn followers into customers.

Our Social Media Services Include:
• Social Media Advertising
• Social Media Management
• Social Media Content Development
• Customer/Community Relations










Social Media Marketing
There is something fascinating about going social. It is an exciting experience that connects you to opportunities and helps you leverage possibilities.
Social media has come to stay and has to a very large extent defined human lifestyle, controlling how consumers buy; how people interact; how companies engage and most especially how everyone lives on CONTENT.

Human – To – Human marketing is the beam of SALES and ENGAGEMENT in a world that has extremely gone SOCIAL. Statistics show that more than 90 million Nigerians are at this time consuming CONTENTS in form of pictures, comments through interacting with people or products.
We can create a hashtag to reach 600,000 people in two days.
We can also herald a #hashtag to reach more than 66,000 people in 3 hours.
We can equally trend #hashtag to reach over 1,000,000 Nigerians in two days.
These are just examples of what we are capable of doing with social media for your brand.

Now, we ask the question – WHO MANAGES YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA? Of course, you have answers but you got to take a deep breath and watch what works with who.

We are a dedicated Digital Marketing Company with the sole aim of using social media and its various tools to help you connect with people, share your paradigms and sell your products. One sure way we do that is to help you create the contents that make the people we target want to hear from you or even buy from you over and over again.

Yes, we manage your handles; we create a campaign strategy; we curate contents; we create real time visual designs; we lead conversations that deliver feed backs that you need to move your brand forward; we manage responses from your followers; we convert your followers to buyers and loyal ones for that matter; we help you find gaps and fill them; we turn your market to a tribe of believers who never would turn their backs on you.

So, if your goal is to just be on social media for the sake of Social Media, you are not our client.
If you want to go viral, talk to us!
If you want to sell, talk to us!
If you want social brand equity, talk to us!
If you want to be in the emails of people, talk to us!
We are looking for brands that want to be at the forefront of SOCIAL and ready to take the bull by the horn by breaking boundaries, connecting with people wherever they are and matching opportunities with possibilities, and in a wink, it all becomes VALUE. Yes, value for your MONEY.

So, we ask you – who would you choose to handle your social media? Exactly what you are thinking and that is Wilisef Data Technologies. We are more than excited to work with you with our team of Professionals and Strategists who constantly think of ways to help you interact with people online while ensuring they bite from your sales APPLE. Hahaha! Sales Apple Indeed!

Won’t you rather want us to handle your Social Media Marketing for your Products and Services?

Talk to ours dedicated Professionals at Wilisef Data Technologies today. We have a plan for you starting from as low as N30,000 per month.

We are a team driven by impetus to deliver the best strategic results-oriented Marketing, Websites, SEO, Advertising, Graphic Design, Social Media Consultancy & IT Support to Government agencies, Businesses, Individuals, Corporations, Associations, and Non-profit organizations. We can achieve a credible online presence and prominence for your business.

We can help you set up the following channels:
1. Email Marketing/Newsletter Strategy, Platform and Database Generation
2. Online Advertising – using the vehicle of Google and yahoo.
3. Search Engine Advertising – via Google SE and Partners Networks.
4. Social Media Engagement and Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
5. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
6. Mobile Marketing Strategy (SMS, BB Channel and Whatsapp Broadcast)
7. Content Marketing (Design, Implementation and Monitoring)
8. Online Video Advertising (Design & Implementation)
9. Affiliate Marketing Activation
10. Web Analytic and Brand Reputation Management

Let your Business reach millions of potential Customers as will put your business in the fore front of the competition. Our social Advertisers will give you that traffic your business always needed.

There are many benefits to working with Wilisef Data Technologies, these are just some of the key areas which set us apart from the competition:
• Commitment to understanding organizational, user and customer needs
• Ability to design robust solutions to protect investment
• Technical excellence and continuous personnel development
• Agility to provide flexible solutions and adaptable support services
• Financial strength to provide procurement assistance
• Excellent reputation and working relationship with strategic partners