A network administrator, sometimes called a systems administrator, is responsible for keeping an organization’s computer network up to date and running smoothly. Any company or organization that uses multiple computers or software platforms needs a network admin to coordinate the different systems.

Wilisef Data Technologies has implemented and administer Servers, big and small networks, Centralized networks, Peer to Peer Networks, Data Sharing, CAT6 Cabling, Router configuration, Ethernet Swtiches to expand current network, Network Scanning, Server and workstation Security.


Server Setup and Maintenance. Domain Control, Mail Server, Data / Printer Sharing, User Access, Windows Server OS Repair.

E-Mail Maintenance User access, E-Mail Forwarding, Remote Access, Smart phone and tablet email setup, Mass E-mail campaigns, Auto Responders, Newsletter signup.

Equipment Setup / Maintenance. Router Setup, Switches, Access Points, Wi-Fi Setup/Extender, Networked Printers and scanners.

Cloud Backup. Monitor and schedule backups on-site and off-site for Server and workstations.

Employee Monitoring / Restricted Access. Monitor your employee activity and measure his/her productivity. Receive reports via E-Mail.

Remote Access. Access any Computer from anywhere with an internet connection. Secure, Fast and low cost using Windows Remote Desktop tool.

Software Installaion. Network software installation for servers and workstations. Setup and restrict access for important data.