Digital & Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos Nigeria

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About This Course

This programme will teach you how to use the various online channels to reach and engage customers and market services and products to millions of online users.

In this program, we will examine best practices related to the business use of social media and digital marketing. While there will be sufficient attention given to top level strategy used by companies adopting social media and digital marketing, the course will also focus on digital analytics oriented tools: how to make organizations more intelligent in how they conduct business in the digital age. Measurement plays a big role in this space. Thriving in such an environment requires the understanding and leveraging of the major mega-trends of today such as digital attribution, social listening, big data and the social graph for external and internal business innovation. In our exploration of these topics, we will also examine how artificial intelligence and machine learning is transforming digital marketing. To close the course, we will discuss how specific firms can create a comprehensive social media and digital marketing plan and execute it.

Do you need Digital Marketing Training for your Staff?

We provide flexible, tailored and scalable
digital marketing training programs

Once we know what areas you need to improve, we can design a learning
program for your staff drawing from a range of our industry aligned courses.

How can we help transform the digital
marketing skills of your staff?

Let’s work together to build digital marketing skills that are aligned to the
unique needs of your business in 5 easy steps


Identify the digital marketing strengths and weaknesses of your business


Evaluate and design the best digital marketing training program


Train your staff in digital marketing in a way that suits your business

Assess & Validate

Assess your staff’s digital marketing knowledge post-training and validate your investment

Return on Investment

Examine the impact of digital marketing training on your business

Find out how we can transform the digital marketing expertise of your workforce

What digital skills do my marketing team need to excel?

That depends on the needs of your business and staff. Before we provide or tailor a course, we assess the digital abilities of your workforce to ensure their skills are aligned with industry needs. Once we understand your needs, a training program can be designed that up skills staff in key areas.

We need a bespoke digital marketing course specific to our industry. Can you build one and will it be certified?

Absolutely. Once we know the unique needs of your business we can develop a training program that draws from our various digital marketing programs (foundation and specialist).

Build a solid foundation in digital marketing

Learn how to use digital techniques and tactics to boost the digital capabilities of your role and team.


WILISEF digital marketing course consists of the following modules:
  • Orientation to Digital Marketing.
  • Search engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Google.
  • Analytics and Display ads.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Web Analytics.

Target Participants

This course is ideal for individuals seeking to start their career and skills in digital marketing. The skills acquired during this course are very useful for anyone who works in Marketing or IT.

NOTE: In order to benefit as an organisation, we strongly recommend that at least 2 – 3 participants attend from the same organisation.