Duration: 1 months

Course Objective:

The course provides in-depth knowledge in Computer Repairs, it gives the trainees

Opportunities to learn from scratch all about Computer repairs, sales and marketing of Computers, the trainees are equipped with the needed practical knowledge and soft skills.

Course Overview:

This training program is designed to give comprehensive overview and working principle of Computers, the components, tools used for the maintenance of Computers, marketing and sales.

After completion of the training, candidates will be able to troubleshoot and repair any Computer brand, sell and start Computer repair Business.

Full Course Outline  

▪ Components That Make Up Your Computer
▪ How To Add Random Access Memory To Speed Up Your Desktop
▪ Install More RAM In Your Laptop For More Speed
▪ How to Easily and Safely Install RAM
▪ How To Troubleshoot RAM Memory
▪ Memory Testing Software Utilities
▪ Get More Computer Storage By Installing A Larger Hard Drive
▪ How To Replace A DVD Drive In Your Laptop
▪ Open The System Unit
▪ Installing The Sound Card
▪ Replace The System Unit Cover
▪ Installing a USB Sound Card in Your Laptop
▪ Quick and Easy Sound Card Problem Solving
▪ How To Revive A Dead Computer
▪ How To Speed Up Any Desktop Or Laptop Computer
▪ Make Sure You Have Enough Memory
▪ Clean Up Your Desktop
▪ Make Sure You Have a Fast Enough CPU Chip
▪ Uninstall Those Unneeded Applications To Free Up Memory
▪ Get And Keep Your BIOS Fine Tuned
▪ Patch Your Computer To Keep It Updated
▪ Keep Your Antivirus Up to Date and Scan Your Disks
▪ Make Sure Your Antivirus/Internet Security Programs Run at Night
▪ Make Sure You Have no Spyware
▪ Stop Unneeded Startup Programs
▪ Defragment Your Hard Drive Regularly
▪ Remove Those Unneeded Files
▪ Move the Page File to Another Partition
▪ Stop File Indexing
▪ Turn Off Animations
▪ Stop Unneeded Services
▪ Turn Off Fancy Desktop Backgrounds, and Screensavers
▪ ReadyBoost for Vista Speeds Boot Times and Other Operations Change Your PC Use Habits
▪ Have Your PC health Assessed for Free at PC Pitstop
▪ How To Upgrade Your Graphics Card
▪ Installing The Graphics Card In The System Unit
▪ AGP Graphics Card
▪ Graphics Card Problem Solving
▪ Nothing on the Monitor
▪ Monitor Works But No Display
▪ Monitor Works But Poor Display
▪ Easily Installing Your New Hard Drive
▪ Repairing The Hard Drive, Hardware And Software
▪ General Hard Drive Troubleshooting
▪ Use Operating System Utilities
▪ Check Drive Cables and Connections
▪ If the Drive Will Not Boot Up
▪ If the Drive Boots but Hangs Up at Boot
▪ Hard Drive Software Troubleshooting
▪ Hard Drive Software Problems and Solutions
▪ Computer Boots but with Many Errors or Hangs
▪ Your Hard Drive may have an IRQ Conflict
▪ Your Hard Drive Device Drives Causing Problems
▪ What To Do When Windows Won’t Boot
▪ Won’t Boot-Up At All
▪ Making a Windows XP Bootable Floppy, if You Still Have a Floppy Drive
▪ If The PC Won’t Boot Past Windows
▪ Here’s How To Replace A DVD Drive In Your Laptop
▪ How To Repair Cable, DSL, And Dial-Up Modem Problems
▪ How To Setup Cable Modem With A Router
▪ A Direct Subscriber Line ( DSL ) Modem
▪ Troubleshooting DSL Modems-Internet Access Needed
▪ An Older Dial-Up Modem
▪ Tips On Surviving An Operating System Crash
▪ What is a Hard Drive Crash
▪ Steps To Recover Your Hard Drive

Method of Training:
Providing well designed training material to all the candidates, Lectures by qualified and highly experienced trainers. Provide detailed classroom and Practical oriented study with Videos for better understanding.

Lots of Assignments and Presentations to be made by the Trainees.

More Information:


  • Digital Multimeter.
  • Sets of Screw Drivers.
  • Operating and Application Software Installation CDs.
  • Soft brush

Duration: 1 Month.

Mode: Classroom / Practical.

Eligibility: SSCE/NCE/OND/HND/BSC holders