Home and business security is important. Many believe they only need home or business security if they own a lot of expensive items, but this is not entirely true. Anyone who owns a home or a business can benefit from CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Cameras.

A CCTV camera allows you to videotape a specific area inside or outside the home. In some cases, these cameras can be linked to warning systems inside the home or can even alert the police or other emergency contacts. This videotape can be watched at the time of the taping, or it can be watched later, in case there was a problem.

The task of installing a CCTV camera outside may seem daunting, but with a few simple steps and the correct equipment, it can be quite simple.

There are many CCTV cameras on the market, and it is important to get the one that will work, This may be why you need to contact us.

Type of Camera  and  Why It Is Used

Wireless Camera

There are fewer wires to be installed and hidden.

Criminals cannot easily cut wires to stop the videotaping and transmission.

They can be easier to install than wired cameras.

Night Vision Cameras

Crime does not stop at the end of the day; night vision makes it easier to see the intruder.

Using a camera that will switch itself between night and day vision is even better, as this automatically ensures the best picture.

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Indoor cameras detect intruders already inside the house.

Indoor cameras can also ensure that family members are where they are supposed to be.

Outdoor cameras are used to keep control of possible intruders before they get inside the home.

Outdoor and Indoor cameras can protect against fire and other damage.

Motion Detection Cameras

These cameras are not always recording. They only start recording when there is motion outside (or inside).

Because it does not record 24/7, it can save money and time because it will not waste tape.
Before purchasing your CCTV camera, it is important to understand how the camera will be used and the type of budget allowed for the camera.

In many cases, people tend to want a camera that can do everything. The night vision cameras are extremely popular because they are able to produce clear video no matter the hour. For those who want added security without all the added fuss, motion detection cameras can be a great choice; however, the decision will ultimately lie with you and your family.

Type of Equipment Needed

Before you can install your CCTV camera, you must have the proper equipment for installation. When searching for a camera to purchase, look at all the items included with the CCTV camera. For instance, most packages will contain the camera and cords. Some packages will also include some sort of player to view the tapes, added cords, or even a remote control. If the camera you purchase does not come with cords, you should purchase a standard CCTV installation cord, namely RG59 Siamese Cables. Other equipment needed can include a screwdriver, drill, screws, and more.

Steps for Installing the Camera
The first step for installing your CCTV camera is to ensure that everything you need came in the packaging of the camera. This should include a DVR, camera or cameras, and cords.

Second, find the best place for the camera or cameras. This will depend on where you need coverage. Many people find it best to place their cameras close to the front and back doors so they are able to see if people are entering their home or business.

If you purchase a camera that can be moved from inside the home, the second step is not as important, but the camera should still be placed in an area that allows a full scan of the entrance to the home, as well as the lawn or walkway.

Most people tend to place their camera where the roof meets the house walls, at the corner. This allows the camera to view a nice sized area, but it will also give some shelter to the camera from rain, sun, snow or wind. This can also help prevent vandalism of the camera.

When you have an idea of where you want the camera placed, it is time to start installation. If you are using a hard-wired CCTV camera, you will need to run cord from the camera into the home. If you have an attic, this is a great place to put all your lines; however, if you do not have an attic, just try to run the cord into an area that will be easy to get to.

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