Wilisef Data Technologies is a privately owned IT and Telecom company that is
committed to providing quality services and Business Solutions to our clients.
We are a group of Motivated, Trained, Talented and Dedicated professionals. We place our clients’ need and expectation above and beyond everything else, while maintaining diligence and integrity in all our dealings. Try us Today and we are sure of exceeding your expectation.

Wilisef Data Technologies was birth practically to put an end to the problem often associated with the Hardware and Network infrastructure procurement, deployment and support thereby guaranteeing the longevity of such deployment and improved return on investment. We will achieve this through provision of genuine and qualitative product deployed professionally by seasoned professionals. We then consolidate the success recorded at the deployment stage by offering  qualitative support service through our professional service practice for our installed base and our clients’ existing infrastructure alike. Wilisef Data Technologies is poised to change the customer experience in hardware and network infrastructure deployment and
integrated IT services and solutions in Nigeria with her solution and services. We exist to provide succour to our clients’ IT and Telecom Needs .

Wilisef Data Technologies is Registered and Incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC).
It is Incorporated as a Business Name Company with the registration Number RC:2374199

WILISEF DATA TECHNOLOGIES, We started with a love for technology…

100% commitment, 100% of the time, for 100% of our customers.

We specialise in domestic and commercial CCTV Installation, and offer a comprehensive range of CCTV system design and fitting services across Nigeria. Our professional team of CCTV installers will consult with you to design and install the best CCTV security system for your home or business to ensure that your needs are covered. We’re available seven days a week, and can even make same-day appointments if necessary in the case of an emergency.

Remote Accessibility

Most CCTV systems now have the added bonus of remote accessibility, this enables the user to monitor their CCTV systems from anywhere in the world providing, peace of mind and to the second monitoring if you just need to keep an eye on employees!

CCTV system repair and maintenance

If you have failing cameras or your PVR is not performing as required

This can be adjusting your existing system to ensure your recording times are set to when you would like them. Or to realign your existing cameras.

IP Camera (Internet Protocol)

An internet Protocol Camera is a Digital Video Camera used for CCTV or monitoring which sends and receives data via a computer network or the internet.

There are two types :

  • Centralized, these require a NVR (Network Video Recorder) to store the recorded images.
  • Decentralized, these do not require a NVR and can record either onto SD cards at the camera themselves or send the information to your PC to record via a wireless network.

Wilisef Data Technologies is an independent and locally-run business based in Nigeria, Lagos. We have a team of CCTV installation engineers who will assess your needs and design a CCTV security system that’s just right for your home or business.

We will meet with you at a time that fits in with your schedule. Most of all, we are dedicated to helping you at every step of the way with your CCTV security system, from designing a bespoke system that works for you, to correctly installing your CCTV system, to providing you with all the advice, guidance and support that you might need after installation.


We add true value, this means that we work that little bit longer and that little bit harder than our competitors. Our future lies in our people, and our ability to listen to our customer pain points and inevitably deliver on their needs quickly, cost effectively and with 100% effort. Our culture is about exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing a place for our employees to make a career. It is noticeable that our people just care more. They move faster, work harder and are better rewarded than our competitors.

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