Data / Voice Cabling – Cat3 / Cat5e / Cat6

  • Category 3 Cable Used for voice systems. Originally designed to carry data at up to speeds of 10 Mbps, Cat3 has been replaced by Cat5e for higher data speed demands.
  • Category 5e Cable Supports 1000 Mbps “gigabit” speeds. It is used widely for Networking and Voice Systems as well
  • Category 6 Cable Supports speeds up to 10Gbps “gigabit.” Cat 6 cable replaces Cat 5e cable in new installations. Also used for Networks, VoIP Systems, PBX Systems,etc.

Fiber Optic

Fiber-optic lines have revolutionized long-distance phone calls, cable TV and the Internet. Fiber-optic lines are strands of optically pure glass as thin as a human hair that carry digital information over long distances. They are also used in medical imaging and mechanical engineering inspection.

CCTV Coaxial/power Cabling
RG59/RG6 Siamese cable is used for Surveillance Systems. Video run in RG59/RG6 Coax cable.Power run through 18 gauge pair. Can be run up to 1000ft without amplification

Video – Coaxial/CAT6
RG6 Coaxial cable is used for Cable TV installations in home and businesses. Cat 5e / Cat 6 can also be used for video with the help of signal converters.

Audio/ Home Theater Installation
Phone App Control for Audio and Sourround Systems, In-Wall / Ceiling Speakers installation, Projector Installation, HDMI Converters/Extenders. Custom configurations.

TV Installation
Wall / Ceiling TV Mounts. Custom installations.

Door Access Control
Control your Door access from your phone. Intercom, Camera, Buzzer for gates and doors. We also do regular Door Buzzers, Door Cameras, and Intercoms.