Power-Boost your business with our IT Consulting Services

Never neglect the power of Business Consulting Services because business consulting with the right firm is a sure shot means to gain a competitive edge in the market. Our business consultants help create and reinvent the operating models and marketing strategies for your business. And as a consulting agency, we articulate the most competent digital strategies that not only build your brand identity but also help you track your potential customers and evaluate their level of approach-ability. Our business consultants analyze the market matrices to boost your business and employ digital platforms to increase the rate of conversion.

Incorporated in the year 2002 at Lagos Nigeria, We are- A group of business heads, management experts, technocrats, consultants, IT experts assembled under an umbrella – “Corporate Links” – a Business Service Management Organization having business clients and service net-work in Nigeria.

We listen to our customers; respond to the needs with common sense and discharge every work transparently to the highest possible standards with honesty, integrity, confidentiality, punctuality, creativity, sincerity, trustworthiness – with a scientific approach and required team strength, societal commitments to get work done more efficiently, consider to reduce operational business risks.

Why does your business need business consulting services?

  • Would you choose to play a victim of circumstances?

    Strategizing your plan saves you from adversities that might happen to you if you do not plan your business moves well in advance. It is always advisable to plan ahead of time.

  • Right direction and goals

    Right kind of strategy and business consulting helps you establish a right direction with realistic goals in your action plan, thereby saving your time, energy, and efforts.

  • Business Consulting blesses you with decision-making ability…

    You chalk out the wisest business decisions with the help of prior consultation since you are able to see through impending hurdles, if any.

  • Do not lag behind. Follow the market trends…Business Consultant

    Data analysis is the key component of strategy and consulting and by performing such an analysis you come to know about the rapidly changing market trends which in turn enhance growth of your business in the market.

  • The power of targeted actions…

    Focused strategizing and planning brings forth the hidden truths of customer segments and market conditions and by applying targeting efforts you have greater chances of increased sales and profitability.

  • Be creative! Be yourself! Be Victorious! 

    Time devoted to strategy building and consultation is the time when you can think of some creative yet strategic means to establish your business as unique. Through strategy consulting services, we develop a good strategy that can help you stand out from the crowd and be victorious!

    At Wilisef data technologies is a business strategy consulting firm formulating the best strategies for business set-up and expansion for startups and small businesses as well. Apart from Business consulting services, we also have specialized strategy and consulting services for your brand, target audience, content and much more. As a Consulting Agency, we have a bundle of services as a one-stop solution for your digital needs.

Business Consultation creates your way to the Highest ROI

  • “Sales” is the ultimate goal that every business strives for. Every marketing effort, small or big is directed towards higher sales and ROI. We understand that your business needs to have a solid sales and marketing collateral that brings out the best workable business strategy for you. Wilisef data technologies is known for synchronizing your business flow so that every step of your journey becomes meaningful, directed towards achieving your business goals.

We are known for efficient pre-sales consulting which helps us derive the right marketing solutions for your business, followed by extensive implementation and after-sales support.

What we do?

  • We help our clients in prioritizing their objectives wherein we make consistent efforts towards improving customer engagement and enhancing brand value through social media platforms.
  • We decide appropriate social platforms for your business. Your business is unique therefore it is not necessary that it would require the same set of platforms for marketing. We identify platforms, tools, and your target audience for you.
  • We develop appropriate social media strategies for you and once these strategies are made online we monitor their performance. We take charge to communicate your success stories too so that the entire world knows you and enjoys your digital presence.


  • Business Consultant
  • Business Startup Services
  • IT Consulting Service
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Business Financial Consulting Services

Why us?

Unmatched Solutions

We connect with our customers and understand them well to provide unbeaten solutions matching their expectations.

100% Quality Assurance

We provide qualitative solutions after conducting quality checks at each phase of project

Competitive Cost

We deliver quality, reliable and scale-able services by incorporating a 360 degree thought process at most competitive cost.

On Time Delivery (100%)

We have a dedicated team of resources to efficiently deliver results on time for reduced turnaround time and customer satisfaction.


Support Center

We provide online support for resolution of any customers  queries with our clear and transparent communication.

100% Satisfaction

By interacting with Customers for feedback at every phase of activity, Our team ensures 100% Customer Satisfaction with the deliverables.